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    Outdoor Gear Coach

    Outdoor Gear Coach : Publications and Training

    Outdoor Gear Coach is an independent organisation which produces and publishes books about how outdoor products and clothing function, with a supporting online learning system for training purposes.

    The first Outdoor Gear Coach publication will be on clothing.This will be followed by hydration and nutrition, footwear, tents, tarps and sleeping gear, backpacks, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

    We draw on the basic science of conduction, convection, radiation, evaporation, surface tension, plus human physiology.

    The textile and materials technology innovations are all covered, alongside the stories of the leading pioneer innovators.

      WHAT MAKES Outdoor Gear Coach UNIQUE?

    1. Digital publication allowing regular updates
    2. Multimedia explanation
    3. Product usage for 7 key activities over all 7 continents


    The outdoors and mountaineering industry including design, manufacture, distribution and retailing of outdoor equipment, does not have an independent training scheme or programme focused on individual learning and recognition and to enable continuous personal development (CPD). Click here for further background to the current position.


    is to produce product/garment eBooks and training materials, independently of brands, for the broader outdoor community, whether enthusiasts, instructors, sales or design, retail or manufacturing.


    1. Are based on sound scientific principles and textile technologies
    2. Is created through extensive dialogue with industry experts who verify our information is correct, unbiased and useful.
    3. Use verified timelines of who invented what and when to create a memorable narrative.
    4. Embrace the issues of sustainability and social responsibility in a brief and understandable way.
    5. Recognise that well how it’s used can be as important as the garments or products themselves and hence we record best practise by experts from around the world.


    WHY HAVE WE DEVELOPED Outdoor Gear Coach?

    Mike Parsons:

    “Developing products is rewarding but my teaching at Lancaster University Management School, with Mary, showed me how special it is to help people, young and old to develop, grow and learn. If this initiative succeeds and helps people new to the industry, as well as the experienced, to develop personally and contribute better to their company, it will be a suitable final career project”.

    Mary Rose:


    “Outdoor Gear Coach was a natural progression for me, after so many years stimulating teaching, researching and running innov_ex with Mike. It feels like the perfect opportunity to put something back into the outdoor trade and into the outdoor community at large.”

    The challenge is to provide useful, informative, scientifically accurate and unbiased information which is coherent across all garment segments and which can be used by all sectors of the outdoor community from users to designers, to brands to retailers to bloggers to journalists to outdoor instructors to consumers. In addition to this base information we hope to provide infographics posters and other tools. What emerges are the common principles of how all products work and how to get the best performance out of them.

    The online learning system will form the basis of a CPD program for employees if this is desired and could even be taken to certification levels if that was the wish of the outdoor industry.

    Although we retain editorial control, OutdoorGearCoach is being developed in collaboration with outdoor retailers in UK and USA, plus manufacturing brands who are licensees of the major fabric brands, outdoor professionals and outdoor journalists. OutdoorGearCoach focuses on the principles of how all outdoor gear works, and is non-comparative at the fabrics and product level.


    Here is the wider context of our publications and training system: We have not found any independent product training for outdoor products within the western world. Click here to see details of training programmes in mountain leadership and cycling.


    OutdoorGearCoach is independently owned, and at present self funded by Mike Parsons and Mary B Rose who are also currently the group leaders.


    We are now working with a team of people to produce the first of a series of books, See Keeping Warm and Staying Dry our first book