We develop product focused eBooks and training for the outdoor industry and the mountain leadership and instructional community. Our first publication Keeping Dry and Staying Warm is due 2017

Our multidimensional training complements that already provided by the brands. It helps staff develop a broad perspective on how waterproofs function for users in differing sports and conditions with a view to improving customer service and engagement.

Our approach to training includes a combination eBooks, posters, worksheets and video clips to facilitate a flexible learning approach.

Our multimedia materials will be developed using the cheap and flexible interactive animation.


 Our first training is Keeping Dry and Staying Warm

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Keeping Dry and Staying Warm cover

Keeping Dry and Staying Warm, is the first independent e-training for outdoor garments. It covers fibres, textiles, garments, physiology, layering and usage. The integrity, accuracy and relevance of our training derives from a 6 person expert, editorial team and extensive reviewing by garment brands, retailers and outdoor professionals.

Each chapter is reviewed by :

  • One or more garment/fabric/proofing brand.

  • Outdoor professionals from British Association of Mountain Leaders (BAIML)/ Mountain Instructor’ Award (MIA) and/or British Mountain Guide (BMG).

  • Testing in retail store.

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WHO BENEFITS from the training?

All customer facing, brand and retail staff.
Instructors, guides and sponsored athletes.
Journalists and bloggers.


Digital delivery on any device for flexible learning.
Updates of emerging technologies.
Interactive animation, specially commissioned graphics and video clips integrated into ebook text.

Outdoor Gear Coach trains on first principles and core and emerging technologies, plus layering best practices. We provide the information about the ‘sausage’ in plain language, without ‘the marketing sizzle’.

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How do our training materials work in a retail environment? Read More Climbers Shop and OGC Training


Level 1 A basic introduction for all.

Level 2 Prior experience of buying, selling, advising, selecting garments needed.

Level 3 Greater depth for coaches.


LEVEL 1: The Basics

Sits comfortably with existing training being given by fabric brands eg W.L.Gore. We  are, however, covering a much wider picture,  size, fit, grade, tailoring for function, and layering.

This introduction builds a sound understanding of both garments and textiles. It can be used to ensure that everyone in an existing group or team are at the same level, before proceeding to level 2. Level 1 is also recommended for journalists and keen product bloggers.


Chapters included at Level 1:

  Chapter 1 Size, Grade and Fit: Why they Matter for Garment Performance

  Chapter 2  Garment Types, Structure and Repair

  Chapter 3  Garment Layering Basics :Principles and Practice

  Chapter 4 Key Garment Polymers and Fibres

   Chapter 5 Textile Recognition and Function

   Chapter 6 Staying Dry Inside and Out: Moisture management in garment layers

LEVEL 2 (for organisations)

Accreditation per retail store.Allows retailers to use our Outdoor Gear Coach  graphics and extracted quotes in store and on their websites.   It is designed for those with some experience of buying or selling and/or advising and/or selecting and/or using garments in a variety of conditions.

Key for brand sales people and retail buyers.

For professional product journalists and bloggers.

Includes emerging technologies.

Chapters included at level 2

   Chapter 7 Technical Overview : Softshell, Insulated Garments, Hardshell.

   Chapter 8 Human Physiology: How our Bodies react to Heat and Cold.

   Chapter 9  How we Gain or Lose Heat from Our Garments and Surroundings

   Chapter 10 Layering for Life How you layer for key activities, the differences and why. High altitude and polar usage. Layering for going to the toilet;layering for bivouacking

Emerging technologies, chapter by chapter.

Sustainability Chapter by Chapter

LEVEL 3 (for Coaches)

A more in-depth understanding by a more experienced person having personal garment usage in a min of 2 or 3 activities/ sports in addition to day walking.

Or a person with design product management experience.

For people wishing to use their skills to train others using the OGC online system.


For full contents listing and module content see Keeping Dry and Staying Warm Contents where you will also see examples of our video clips