Future Publications


We plan the following eBooks

  •  Getting fed: personal re-fueling; nutrition and hydration techniques for mountaineers and outdoors. What we can learn from Everest ‘53 to the Tour de France today.

  • Taking shelter: all types of shelter from bivis to KISU/group shelters and tarps and tents; the evolution of tents and shelters.

  • Carrying the load: starting from first principles: what does a rucksack frame do? The variables in designing and indeed choosing to buy a pack. Plus how packs developed.

  • Staying on your feet: footwear is the greatest performance enabler of all outdoor gear. The principles of the function of each and every type including construction techniques and the innovation history; who invented each category and when.

  •  Eco, and sustainability:  CRS in a nutshell and how to interpret what suppliers are saying. Plus history of the environmental protection movement.

  • Going lightweight : principles and practise and innovation development.