is to develop independent ebooks and training material for the wider outdoor community.

Our eBooks and training materials are fulfil our mission statement because they:

  1. Are based on sound scientific principles and textile technologies
  2. Is created through extensive dialogue with industry experts who verify our information is correct, unbiased and useful.
  3. Use verified timelines of who invented what and when to create a memorable narrative.
  4. Embrace the issues of sustainability and social responsibility in a brief and understandable way.
  5. Recognise that well how it’s used can be as important as the garments or products themselves and hence we record best practise by experts from around the world.



Mike Parsons:

“Developing products is rewarding but my teaching at Lancaster University Management School, with Mary, showed me how special it is to help people, young and old to develop, grow and learn. If this initiative succeeds and helps people new to the industry, as well as the experienced, to develop personally and contribute better to their company, it will be a suitable final career project”.

Mary Rose:


“OutdoorGearCoach was a natural progression for me, after so many years stimulating teaching, researching and running innov_ex with Mike. It feels like the perfect opportunity to put something back into the outdoor trade and into the outdoor community at large.”

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