PERFORMANCE LAYERING cpd course, Monday Nov 21st Watermillock Cumbria


This CPD teaches the skill of PERFORMANCE LAYERING for the body core, hands and feet through four seasons, multiple environments and a broad range of activities.    

Cost. £55 pp, including a signed book Keeping Dry and Staying Warm, plus supporting handouts on the day.

Limited to 16 participants to ensure a high-quality learning program. SEE LINK TO BOOKING and ONLINE PAYMENT bottom of this page.

Includes tea and coffee all day, but bring your own lunch. Free overnight camping.  

When? Monday 21st Nov 2022 – 09:30-17:00.   (the day following Kendal Mountainn Festival) – 

Where? Watermillock Village Hall, Ullswater, Cumbria. CA11 0LR

The course provider is Mike Parsons, co-founder of Outdoor Gear Coach, CIC,

A one-day CPD course in workshop style is designed to give participants a complete understanding of your six key personal garment layers plus your 7th, an emergency covering. Each participant will create a personal take-home record of the performance characteristics of your layers, making your next purchases better understood and more logical This provides the foundation for developing enhanced ‘performance layering’ skills based on understanding metabolism, hydration and nutrition. 

See my blog about the first CPD course in Sept 2022.

The course begins with a talk entitled ‘Myths, marketing and misunderstandings’. This enables participants to deconstruct what we have identified as the ten key embedded myths created by marketing and/or user misunderstandings and the absence of an independent training source. Outdoor Gear Coach is being developed as THE only independent information source and training for outdoor garments, and we are looking to recruit and train others using our materials. 

The workshop continues using our guidance charts on the key polymers, textiles and waterproof technologies; you will identify and gain an understanding of what each type of fibre, textile, laminate, coating and construction feature does in terms of performance characteristics of wicking, windproofing, insulation, waterproofing and mvtr. 

Performance layering is a skill based on the above knowledge. However, garments don’t provide heat; you and your metabolism do! So we explore metabolism, hydration, and nutrition and how they come into play alongside your body’s natural functions of protecting your core temperature by vasodilation/vasoconstriction. 

Watch our 2 min training intro video. This talks about 9 workshops which we have created for use via zoom. This CPD is modified to fit into a one-day face-to-face session and have a breakout session on performance layering skills. The course can also be delivered in retail as 3 x one-hour talks with some pre-reading. We have also developed 3 min videos called ‘nuggets’ as aide-memoirs.   

 Perhaps most importantly, your new knowledge of the performance characteristics of materials and the five types of heat loss from your body and garments will enable you to do a post-trip analysis of what went wrong ( or indeed well) and how to correct it. Your capability to advise your clients on selection, choices and problem-solving will be enhanced.  Your next garment purchase will be much clearer. 

Our course teaching is based on a 7-layer system enabling all participants to examine and analyse each of their existing personal layers and enlighten future choices. 

Please note – the booking link below takes you to my daughter’s website ENERGYBodi  as a temporary measure before we set up our own system within Outdoor Gear Coach.  All information and money is totally safe. Link for RESERVATION and online PAYMENT