Why do first principles matter?

Outdoor Gear Coach trains on first principles and core and emerging technologies, plus layering best practices. We provide the information about the ‘sausage’ in plain language, without ‘the marketing sizzle’. Textile and garment brands  train their own sales staff and retailers on product knowledge and how their products are differentiated from competitors. Their marketing people usually prefer to ‘sell the sizzle’, not the ‘sausage’.


Question:What are first principles and core and emerging technologies in garments?


First principles are moisture management principles based on surface tension and capillary action which apply to all layers and all garment types and all brands. Human physiology, how our bodies work in relation to the weather conditions and garments being used. Thermal conductivity of all materials we use in garments and products we touch or stand or sleep on. This leads us into reasons why multiple layering is better than less thicker layers. The key insulating medium in all layers.

Core technologies are those which are tried and trusted. These include garment construction methods. Polymers, fibres, coatings, laminates, textiles, finishes.

Emerging technologies are ones which might look as though they will win the

Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies

world but might slip and fail or be re-positioned in performance claims from real world reactions and testing. Innovations often reach the world by via the huge trade shows in Germany and USA. Sometimes with great fanfare, sometimes slightly hidden or presented by a lesser known brand. We report on these in a non judgemental way.

In these days of global warming then an increasing proportion of innovations are about sustainability. Every chapter we write covering core and emerging technologies has a small section on the sustainability aspects of these processes. The outdoor and climbing community has been at the forefront of environmental concerns and protection for more than a century. Outdoor product consumers have a high expectation of their favourite brands.  We aim to make understanding the sustainability product launches a little clearer and highlight the relative importance of them.