The Climbers Shop Training: OGC in a retail environment

The Climbers Shop Team

The Climbers Shop Team, Ambleside

How does our information work in a retail setting? Paul Casey, owner of The Climbers Shop (Ambleside and Milton Keynes) and the Joe Brown Shops in Snowdonia, has kindly agreed to us running a weekly training session over the next 10-12 weeks, starting Nov 2016.

Paul Casey, owner The Climbers Shop and Joe Brown:

“I have worked with Mike for many years on my journey through the Outdoor Industry. I believe that he is one of the few people that could successfully and credibly execute and deliver such an ambitious project. Improving product knowledge through continual training is pivotal to any specialist independent retailer. Successfully helping a customer choose the right product for their individual needs. Having followed the progress of the OGC I feel that the training modules will roll out perfectly across our four shops meaning that it will not only be our staff and customers who benefit from participating in this programme but also members of the British Mountain Guides (BMG)  and International School of Mountaineering (ISM) clients whom we supply directly. I am delighted that we are working with Mike to test its effectiveness and can see OGC becoming a key and important part of our ongoing staff development programmes.”

Follow link for The Climbers Shop Endorsement of Outdoor Gear Coach January 2017



I have been working with The Climbers Shop intermittently since 1958 when I started work in the family business, Karrimor, so I’m delighted to be back again.

Times are changing in the industry, with many new threats, current and looming. Speaking as a retired garment manufacturer, (Karrimor and OMM) I don’t think outdoor garments are expensive. The price points are often high, reflecting the huge amount of work and technical textiles in them and choice is now bewildering. I believe that price is not so important as having the right ‘layer’ for the activity, area and season of choice.
Product knowledge and the ability to advise may again become key competitive factors in retailing. Independent stores will continue to have a great future because of their flexibility, experience and staff hiring practices.   

Working with the experienced staff at Climbers Shop will help ensure that what we, OGC,  have is usable and useful and makes a difference to their standing with the experienced type of customer who comes through their door.