TGO 2016 Preparations

TGO 2016

Marian on trial overnight

Marian on overnight test

TGO 2016 test overnight with everything. Over several years we have used an XL sheet and weighed every single item to tune our weight down to what we are physically happy to carry and will meet all weather which might be thrown at us, which in Scotland is sometimes a lot!  We arrived back with a 30 item list created on my phone in Google ‘keep’ ; micro tweaks, to do’s, last purchases, fettling stuff, customising.
It’s the journey and the likely weather that counts, when you have to carry everything it’s the ultimate discipline, favourite much loved garments and kit are set aside by the discipline – the ‘Townsend layering check’

Mike preparing

Mike preparing

1. Can all layers be worn all at the same time, in my case 6 layers?

2. Can almost any be worn next to skin when in tent in case of a serious soaking?

3. When it gets warmer during the day or the trip ( hopefully!) and have stripped to the minimum, have we checked pack capacity is enough to carry all these and can we cope with the weight?

If not we are not fully sorted. Have we selected each layer so it’s the best performing option at that weight for the conditions that experience tells us we are likely to meet. This trip needs perhaps the most preparation of all trips because the weather is likely to have some surprises and going light and not getting wet or cold are the challenge.


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  1. Karo says:

    Good luck with the tour and the preps – it looks super challenging. Fingers crossed Scottish weather will be in your favour 🙂

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