TGO-C 2016 2 Days to go

TGO-C 2016 Crossing Scotland Glen Shiel to Skurdieness.

Tuesday 10th May, 2 days to go.

Second, third and fourth thoughts. Marian’s shoulder (operation only last January) is now compounded by a very sore knee. I need a bigger pack to take some of her weight. Have always been a believer that a small pack is the first line of discipline to going light.

Less than 40L

Less than 40L

So have always used a proto’ pack I made, less than 40L which has no flap, weighing only 950g. Great, but no spare room left to carry extra!

Switched to a 50L Osprey weight 1150g. Complete rethink of how to pack with this totally different configuration, there are so many pockets, will I recall where I have put stuff or panic thinking have left something? We debated shifting back to a lighter tent, but backed off, the extra comfort room is worthwhile.

50L pack

50L pack




Final check weighing of packs, with tent, sleeping bags, cameras, food for 3 days but excluding normal layers we are wearing as we leave home.

Me 9.8kg, Marian 7.8kg. fine tuning to this was a lot of time and effort, days of comparing notes and updating my XL.





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