Keeping Dry and Staying Warm Published

How did Keeping Dry and Staying Warm come to be written?

Keeping Dry and Staying Warm Book cover

It is remarkable that Keeping Dry and Staying Warm was published exactly 20 years, to the day since Mike and Mary began exchanging emails about the history of outdoor clothing. Later in 2000, the very first time,  Mary visited Mike in Patterdale, they had a long conversation about how garments functioned, their relationship to each other, their relationship to their users and to their outdoor activities. Twenty years on that conversation and many others led to a book explaining how garments worked- Keeping Dry and Staying Warm Part 1. (KDSW)



Who could have thought that these early emails and conversations would lead to so much activity summarised on our timeline ?This included

Launch of Invisible on Everest, May 2003

Invisible on Everest: Innovation and the Gear Makers, the Mallory replica project, on behalf of Mountain Heritage Trust, 10 years of Clothing for Extremes and Innovation for Extremes conferences,  and 10 years of teaching innovation to undergraduates, post graduates and small businesses. This was of course on top of Mike’s lifetime as an innovator in the outdoor industry and active climber, skier and mountaineer and Mary’s 35 years as an academic. 

Mike Parsons and Andy Perkins with a Haston Alpinist

The photo on the right was taken on Mike’s recent skiing trip to the Alps and shows him with Andy Perkins,Andy told a hut gardien that the Karrimor founder was staying and he produced his Haston Alpinist rucksack that’s been with him since 1986.

The joy in making good things…

Outdoor Gear Coach and therefore Keeping Dry and Staying Warm would not have happened without the combination of experiences, skills and understanding that 13 years of working together brought. Lifetimes of experience in the outdoor industry and academia created exciting career changes for both Mike and Mary and the contacts and understanding developed between 2000 and 2013 were vital to what came next.

Innovation for Extremes 2009

Writing their first book built a shared understanding, but the results of that book and especially their conferences and courses built or renewed connections which were vital to KDSW. Moving forward into the new world of Outdoor Gear Coach was exciting and would have been impossible without widening the collaborative network.

The conferences  Innovation for Extremes brought many contacts and some such, as Chuck Kukla and Chris Townsend became involved in Keeping Dry and Staying Warm.

They became part of the writing and editorial team which also includes Alan Hinkes and Marian Parsons. Keeping Dry and Staying Warm was very much a journey of collaboration and one that continues.


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    Would love to get a paperback copy and give it a read, but looks like this item does not ship to the US (as it says on the Amazon listing).

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    Hi. When is Part 2 of KDSW going to be published?

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