An overview of our 9 interactive workshops on Keeping Dry and Staying Warm

1 The technologies and mythologies of waterproof garments, breathability and wicking layers.

The most misunderstood area of all.   

2. What is insulation and where it is in your garments.

The basic science of heat loss, conduction, convection, evaporative cooling (sweat!) radiation.   

3. From polymers to yarns to the 4 base textiles.

 Identifying type helps understanding of function.

4. What is a softshell?

Windproofing measures.

A very ambiguous area with vastly different characteristics.

5. Understanding human physiology and nutrition.

Garments only conserve heat, your metabolism, food and drink is the real source of heat.   

6.Learning from mountain disasters and successes.

E53 to 4 peaks 1964, Cairngorms, Lyme bay, Pigne d’Arolla. Explains why UK

is so well developed in skills, suppliers.

7. Reading the Garment. Skill development.

Sandy Alan. “ I realise I can no longer pick up a garment and understand what it does for me”.

8. Performance layering’ is a complex process and high level skill.

Post outdoor course layering clinics. 

9. What is sustainability? Its a journey not a destination and parallels/supports

COP 26 targets.

How outdoor and street garments are changing and how to detect greenwashing.