Our mission is to: 

        1. Increase the depth and breadth of understanding of textiles in the design and                use of outdoor garments to the benefit of all sectors of the outdoor activist and              professional community. 


       2. Embrace all aspects of performance from physiology and nutritional aspects.                 This is a vital source of heat, which your garments are designed to conserve                 combining with terrain, weather and layering techniques. 


      3. Provide one day workshops for Continuous Personal Development training for              outdoor professionals and lead eventually to a qualification : ‘certified garment              professional’.  


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Outdoor Gear Coach’s objectives are to serve the diverse outdoor activity communities by publishing books both online and printed, providing training courses and teaching support materials. Our eventual goal is for our courses to lead to an award of ‘accredited garment professional’. See our page on ‘the training gap’ (link)

Six targeted groups

1. Individuals

2.Garment professionals.

3. Writers,journalist and bloggers.

4.Outdoor education courses.

5.Outdoor leaders from mountain leaders to guides.

6.Outdoor centres.

The benefits for each of  our targeted 6 outdoor groups are many and varied;

Individual participants. To enable better performance of your existing layers or make decisions next purchase which further enhance.

Professionals who are making, sourcing, designing, selling, and buying for resale, to gain a more holistic view of where warmth comes from; the wearers and their metabolism and nutrition, and the accreditation possibilities.

Journalists and individuals who write and blog. A key reference point for accurate and new technical info and terminology.
For the above groups there is little or no training with personal accreditation of knowledge or skills.

Outdoor education courses in colleges and universities. A key reference which may be either ‘required’ or ‘recommended’ reading for students, depending on course content.

Highly skilled, trained and professionally accredited outdoor professionals known variously as mountain leaders, climbing instructors and guides.

Outdoor Centres

Our course is already used as CPD and accreditation would enhance know how and broaden their services offered to individuals or outdoor centres for training people of all ages in outdoor skills. A great way to introduce a little basic science, usable in day school, and enhancing understanding of looking after themselves in the outdoors.


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